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Working in close partnership with our referring doctors is an important aspect of the care we provide. We value each and every referral and take great pride in providing a warm, comfortable and technologically advanced environment. Our friendly staff is here to assist you when you need us. Please contact us today so we can provide the great treatment your patients deserve.

Samaritan Endodontics Study Club

The Samaritan Endodontics dental study club represents dentistry’s membership-based form of continuing education. The benefits of study clubs are well known in the academic world. A social support system, shared knowledge and expertise, brainstorming, debating, and exploring questions with peers in a comfortable environment are all advantages of this study club and increase the likelihood of mastering the information. This study club also provides encouragement, social interaction, and a reason to hold oneself accountable.

The Samaritan Endodontics study club has become a popular venue for the member dentists to broaden their understanding of professional techniques and topics, develop friendships, and share effective skills and expertise. This club provides information about new concepts, materials, techniques, devices, and innovative technologies, all while enabling dentists to make valuable and long-lasting professional and social connections.

The Samaritan Endodontics study club meets 5 times a year.  The meetings are held at La Rinconada Country club on the third Wednesday evening of the month starting in September and last until May.  If you are interested in joining the study club, please email Dr. Fathi at